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Inside Secure wins Sesames Innovation Award for Best Application for Transit

Innovative Application Accelerates Data Exchange for Transit Fare Collection

CARTES & IDENTIFICATION 2011, PARIS, France, November 15, 2011 – Inside Secure, a leader in semiconductor solutions for secure transactions and digital identity, has again received a prestigious SESAMES Innovation Award in the Transit and ID Application category for its Very High Bit Rate (VHBR) data transfer acceleration application. More than tripling the typical speed of information exchange, INSIDE’s VHBR application was awarded CARTES’ widely recognized seal of approval by a panel of experts because it represents a low-power, high-performance breakthrough in downloading data and photos for user authentication. The VHBR application has wide applicability in transit fare collection, pay TV, government ID, and other environments that require rapid authentication or authentication via an image.

“The Inside Secure VHBR application has a tremendous potential to increase the level of security and speed of authentication schemes,” said Rémy de Tonnac, CEO of Inside Secure. “Transit agencies will be able to greatly reduce passenger boarding time, further enhance system security, and reduce fraud through the VHBR application. We thank the panel of judges for honoring us with this award and for recognizing the potential customer benefits that our VHBR application will enable.”

  • The Inside Secure VHBR application is based on software and an 8/16-bit RISC secure microcontroller. Embedded in a card, when presented to a contactless reader device, the application downloads data and/or photo images from the card to the reader device for authentication. The reader communicates with a database to authenticate the user. The INSIDE VHBR application accelerates data transfer rates up to 64 times faster than basic bit rate—up to 6.8 Mb/s (30 ms) instead of the typical 106 Kb/s (several seconds for same amount of data) targeted by traditional transit and ID systems. “Low power combined with advanced security measures deliver a powerful technical advantage for customers who require robust protection for identity credentials,” said Jean Pierre Enguent, product manager, senior expert contactless technologies for INSIDE. “As contactless solutions are increasingly required across multiple market segments, the VHBR application provides outstanding value for functionality delivered.”

The application’s high-performance, 8-/16-bit secure microcontroller includes 208 kbytes ROM and 18 kbytes EEPROM. Advanced security features, such as RNG (Random Number Generator), "out of bounds" detectors, side channel attack countermeasures, and hardware DES/TDES with a 32-bit Cryptographic Accelerator enable the VHBR application to meet EMVCo and Common Criteria EAL5+ targets. Data rates available within the ISO 14443 standard ranges from 106 Kb/s to 848 Kb/s, compliant with new amendment on progress for VHBR (6,8 Mb/s from Card to Reader)

The application is currently being piloted with INSIDE customers.

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