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Inside Secure and EZchip Partner to Provide Best of Breed Internet Data Security for Cloud Computing, Digital Video, and Advanced Networking Applications

Jointly Developed Solution to Deliver High-Performance IPsec Security at Over 30Gbps


Linley Group Processor Conference, Santa Clara, Calif., October 6, 2015 – Inside Secure (Euronext: INSD), a leader in embedded security solutions for mobile and connected devices today announced availability of Inside Secure’s QuickSec™ IPsec solution optimized for EZchip’s TILE-Gx™ high performance multicore processors. By combining Inside Secure’s proven security expertise with EZchip’s ultra-high performance capabilities, multicore application developers will no longer be forced to choose between security and performance.


Many IT, mobile, and IoT devices use the Internet for communications. However, without appropriate security measures, these Internet communications are vulnerable to various forms of eavesdropping and packet sniffing, as well as Denial-of-Service attacks, IP Spoofing, and data modification during transmission. Internet Protocol security (IPsec) is a suite of protocols aimed at securing Internet communications.


While IPsec provides greater security in comparison to other Internet security protocols, the heightened level of security is generally achieved at the expense of network and processing performance.


The integration of Inside Secure’s IPsec toolkit with EZchip’s TILE-Gx processors alleviates these performance problems and makes secure Internet communications more accessible to a wider range of customers in a variety of cloud computing, digital video, and advanced networking applications where performance is a requirement.


“With Inside Secure’s industry-leading QuickSec IPsec solution, we are able to deliver over 30 gigabits-per-second of throughput on our TILE-Gx processors while simultaneously performing the compute-intensive IKE handshake,” said Bob Doud, Director of Marketing at EZchip. “This impressive result is achieved with 75 percent of the cores free, enabling customers to implement rich networking and security services on the remaining compute resources of the TILE-Gx processor. Also, our customers can look forward to over 100 gigabits-per-second throughputs with our upcoming TILE-Mx processors.”


EZchip’s multicore processors are being deployed across several market segments as data security concerns remain a priority for developers. The TILE-Gx processor family has been architected to enable high-performance, very low latency crypto processing with its integrated MiCA™ co-processing accelerators. The MiCA engines provide virtualized services to the TILE-Gx cores, autonomously offloading security protocols such as IPsec, SSL, TLS, DTLS, SRTP, and MACsec. The power efficiency of the TILE-Gx solution allows it to run in stringent power envelopes of less than 25 watts while delivering 10s of Gigabits per second of throughput.


"Effective integration of security hardware and software is a notorious challenge. We are pleased to solve this challenge by teaming with EZchip, the market leader in multicore processors," said Martin Bergenwall, EVP of the Mobile Security Division of Inside Secure. "Our QuickSec IPsec software solutions are very well suited for multicore applications requiring very high speed, high efficiency processing, including cloud computing, digital video and advanced networking. The deep integration of our technologies as well as our respective expertise in security and performance are a great combination, and the results are compelling to customers."


Inside Secure’s QuickSec toolkit is the industry's most mature and feature-rich IPsec solution, incorporating support for Internet Engineering Task Force (IETF) IP-layer security, including ESP, AH, IKEv1, IKEv2, MOBIKE, EAP, and many other standards. QuickSec has been licensed to hundreds of the world's leading networking, telecom and computing companies and is recognized for its interoperability with systems ranging from VPN security appliances to client machines.


To learn more about QuickSec running on TILE-Gx hardware platforms, visit Inside Secure or EZchip at the Linley Group Processor Conference, October 6-7 2015 in Santa Clara, CA.  Inside Secure and EZchip are a gold sponsors of the event and will be featured in a speaking sessions titled “Challenges of Multi Gigabit Protocol Acceleration in SoCs” and “Use Cases for the NPS – a C-Programmable 7-Layer Network Processor”, respectively.


Additional information about Inside Secure’s QuickSec IPsec solution is available online at



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