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MicroRead® is the Only Complete NFC Solution Certified for Mobile Phones, Tablets, PCs by Leading Industry Organization

AIX-EN-PROVENCE, France, June 18, 2012 – Enhancing its NFC industry leadership, Inside Secure (NYSE Euronext: INSD.PA) today announced that its MicroRead® NFC solution is the first full-function NFC controller chip to successfully prove that devices based on it can achieve certification by the NFC Forum. This certification offers increased assurance that products using MicroRead solutions will work with the millions of NFC mobile phones, tablet computers, access devices and other NFC products throughout the world that will also use NFC components certified by the NFC Forum. MicroRead and SecuRead products shipped by INSIDE into market total nearly 25 million units from start of deployment in 2011 to date, establishing a broad base of interoperable NFC devices.

 The NFC Forum is a non-profit industry association dedicated to advancing Near Field Communication technology by developing specifications, ensuring interoperability among devices and services, and educating the market about NFC.  The NFC Forum Certification Program provides consistency in the behavior of NFC devices by confirming that products conform to the NFC Forum's specifications. It offers increased assurance that NFC Forum-certified products will be interoperable with other NFC Forum-certified devices.

 “Our MicroRead solution is the first NFC controller used in an NFC-Forum certified device that is capable of not only reader/writer functionality, but card emulation and peer-to-peer modes as well,” said Loic Hamon, Vice President Products and Marketing Mobile NFC Division at Inside Secure.  “Achieving this certification reflects INSIDE’s leadership and commitment to open standards and maintaining complete interoperability with all other NFC Forum certified devices, and provides our customers with confidence that their MicroRead-based solutions will work everywhere.”  

“We are pleased that Inside Secure, an active member of the NFC Forum since its founding, has earned NFC Forum certification, the gold standard of compliance, for its MicroRead Reference Platform,” said Koichi Tagawa, chairman of the NFC Forum.  “By establishing its conformance with NFC Forum specifications, Inside Secure is able to offer its customers the highest level of assurance of interoperability with other NFC Forum-certified solutions.”


The rigorous certification testing was carried out by AT4 wireless in Malaga, Spain, an NFC Forum authorized test lab. “MicroRead is one of the most complete NFC products we have ever tested. It demonstrated 100 percent compliance with the applicable NFC Forum test requirements. We are very proud to support Inside Secure’s first NFC product certification,” said Jose de la Plaza, laboratory manager at AT4 wireless.

“We’ve been delighted to work with Inside Secure,” said Angel Romero, systems product manager at AT4 wireless. “Their expertise helped us to greatly enhance the interoperability of our RIDER NFC test tool.”  

The INSIDE MicroRead NFC controller offers the smallest footprint, lowest BOM count and lowest standby currently available today in the market.  Inside Securead provides the greatest applet storage capacity on the market, as well as the most complete applet library, has the industry’s fastest transaction speed and is the only NFC implementation available with support for HID iClass access control applications.  The MicroRead NFC controller today is integrated into millions of devices from leading handset manufacturers.  

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Inside Secure (NYSE Euronext: INSD.PA) is a leading designer, developer and supplier of semiconductors, embedded software and platforms for secure transactions and digital security. INSIDE mobile NFC, secure payment and digital security products provide security for a wide range of information processing, storage and transmission applications. The company’s customers are found in a wide range of markets including mobile payment, identification documents, access control, transit, electronic device manufacturing, pay television and mobile service operators. For more information, visit

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