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MicroPass 4003 is First Available Streamline Online qVSDC Implementation
AIX-EN-PROVENCE, France, March 11, 2008 – Continuing to build momentum with its next-generation MicroPass® intelligent payment platform, INSIDE Contactless, a leading provider of advanced, open standard contactless chip technologies, today announced it is the first to market with a Visa-certified implementation of the new Streamline Online qVSDC specification supporting the global interoperability of Visa payWave. The MicroPass 4003 contactless payment card microprocessor supports the Visa Contactless V2.0.2 AC v3 specification, and also supports backward compatibility for currently deployed Visa Contactless 1.4.2 MSD contactless personalization and acquiring infrastructures.
“We are pleased to be able to support our close working relationship with Visa by bringing this new Streamline Online qVSDC implementation to market as rapidly as possible, and we are confident it will play a significant role in maintaining our leadership in the Visa payWave ecosystem,” said Charles Walton, executive vice president of payments for INSIDE Contactless. “We stand ready to support both card manufacturers and issuers during this period of migration with backward compatibility and support services to ease their transition.”
INSIDE Contactless continues to improve the security capabilities of its intelligent payment platforms, and the MicroPass 4003 incorporates the latest security enhancements. The MicroPass 4003 offers multiple payment brands and supports multiple applications, as well as providing the industry’s fastest transaction time and outstanding read distance to deliver the most reliable cardholder experience.
“We are excited about the opportunity to work with INSIDE Contactless to provide flexible contactless payment options to our customers,” said Brian Triplett, senior vice president of emerging product development at Visa Inc.
MicroPass is used today to power contactless bank cards, and is the most broadly adopted core technology for contactless payments with multiple certified card and fob products available from major global and regional card manufacturers. Contactless credit, debit, and pre-paid bank cards issued with MicroPass can be used at locations such as McDonald’s, 7-Eleven, CVS, PetCo, BJ’s, Office Depot, and in New York City and Philadelphia taxi cabs.
The INSIDE MicroPass 4003 was designed specifically to meet multi-payment brand and multi-application requirements of contactless payment markets. As an ‘intelligent payment platform’, the native operating system incorporated into the MicroPass 4003 provides fast, secure, reliable, and flexible support for Visa payWave contactless payments, along with retail/gift card, access control, transit, ID, or other emerging applications. Flexible packaging options enable manufacturers to deploy MicroPass 4003 in a variety of form factors including cards, key fobs, and stickers for mobile handsets.
INSIDE also offers the MicroPass SDK to card manufacturers, terminal manufacturers, personalization bureaus, systems integrators, and issuers with in-house application development staff. The MicroPass SDK helps developers create retailer loyalty, transit, access, and simple ID applications, and incorporate those applications onto a MicroPass contactless bank payment card. These data applications provide a simple way of creating a value-added experience at the contactless point of acceptance and related access points.
Availability and Pricing
The INSIDE Contactless MicroPass 4003 contactless payment product is available now. Please contact INSIDE for specific pricing information. A contactless payment card product from CPI Card Group is the first certified by Visa that is powered by MicroPass 4003.
About MicroPass
MicroPass® is a family of intelligent payment platforms designed to power open standard contactless and dual interface bank card payments in all global regions. Based upon a RISC architecture and optimized for the demanding requirements of contactless transactions, each of the MicroPass family of products features low power consumption, fast transaction processing, and overall performance meeting the demands of issuer organizations in the bank card payments, transit, and access control markets. MicroPass is the platform of choice for card manufacturers and issuers in the U.S. market with more than 35 million MicroPass-powered bank cards deployed. With very low power requirements, MicroPass also remains the most suitable core platform for key fob and alternative form factor deployments.
About INSIDE Contactless
As the only fabless semiconductor company focused exclusively on contactless chip platforms, INSIDE Contactless is a market leader in Near Field Communication (NFC), contactless payment, and access control. Innovation in contactless technology has led to more than 55 patents granted to INSIDE, including several essential NFC technology patents. INSIDE is the number-one market share provider of contactless bank card applications in the world, with more than 35 million MicroPass intelligent payment platforms delivered from launch in 2005 through 2007. These MicroPass platforms power cards from more than 25 leading bank card issuers. More than 25 key partners around the world, including major card manufacturers and handset providers, have successfully delivered “powered by INSIDE” contactless products such as payment and access cards, point-of-sale terminals, NFC-enabled mobile handsets, and other products. INSIDE Contactless is headquartered in Aix-en-Provence, France, with offices in Shanghai, Singapore, Poland, San Francisco, and Boston. For more information, please visit
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