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INSIDE Contactless and TIEMPO Announce Partnership on Next Generation Chip Product

 Date : 09.10.2008

Experts in Contactless Hardware and Asynchronous Design To Collaborate on New Contactless Chip Platform
Aix en Provence, October 9th, 2008 - INSIDE Contactless, the world leader in advanced contactless microprocessor platforms, and TIEMPO, an innovative IP company specialized in the design of asynchronous ICs, have announced a partnership for the design of a next generation chip product that incorporates asynchronous design technology.
The new chip will be designed using TIEMPO clockless and delay insensitive technology. "TIEMPO technology enables the design of chips that have outstanding processing performance, low power consumption, low noise and robustness against voltage variations, and is therefore perfectly suited for use within INSIDE’s advanced contactless chip products", says Serge Maginot, CEO of TIEMPO.
With the growth of contactless payment, transit, access and ID markets, and demands for faster, lower power, lower cost core technologies to support these markets, INSIDE is committed to an aggressive technology roadmap to drive new chip product launches. As the first step of this partnership, INSIDE and TIEMPO have engaged in a collaborative project that will include expert designers from both companies, TIEMPO providing INSIDE with its asynchronous IPs and with the expertise of its engineers in the design of low-power asynchronous chips.
"INSIDE is committed to use the most innovative design technologies for its advanced contactless chip platforms. We believe that the use of TIEMPO asynchronous design technology can provide significant gains in performance and reduction in power consumption within our products", says Gary Chew, CTO of INSIDE Contactless.