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Hybrid Hardware-Software Security Solutions

To date, most content protection technologies have been based on software. By combining DRM scheme support with good code and data software hardening technologies, Inside Secure has delivered the required level of security so that OTT service providers can gain the rights from studios to distribute premium content.

Due to the increasing security requirements, OTT security solution providers are moving towards hybrid solutions that use both hardware and software components. This approach combines the robustness of hardware with the flexibility of software. In a hybrid solution, the most critical security operations are moved to the secure hardware components of the platform. Hardware based security capabilities have to include a Trusted Execution Environment (TEE), Root of Trust, antitampering mechanisms and Secure Content Path (SCP), as explained in the next chapter. The software part of the solution can then be used to implement differentiating features such as subtitles, offline playback, and analytics, as well as to add new security countermeasures on demand if a new threat or breach is identified or if they are mandated by new security requirements. As of today, software combined with a TEE is the only realistic solution that meets studio security requirements due to the memory size constraints of a full multimedia player.

Inside Secure provides proven components for both mobile applications and consumer hardware devices so that device manufacturers, mobile app developers, content owners and distributors, network and mobile operators, service providers and broadcasters can choose the best fit solution based on their specific security requirements.

The New ERA of Premium Content Protection