Monetizing Online Video – Extending the Walled Garden
15th September to 19th September 2017
Europaplein, 1078 GZ Amsterdam, Holland

Meet Inside Secure at IBC Amsterdam (Hall 14 Booth M29) to see the newest innovations in online video monetization.

Early Window Movies 

We reinforce DRM robustness and compliance with watermarking, over-the-air renewability, a secure software content path, screen recording detection and advanced rooting detection.

App Protection

To protect account credentials and analytics we transform and obfuscate software code and embed integrity checkers that monitor and protect code against tampering. Then we add state-of-the-art authentication techniques that protect servers from unauthorized entry.

Advertising Protection

Ad blockers are rapidly migrating from desktops to mobile devices. We protect the capability to detect ad blockers and configure custom solutions such as displaying messages or restricting ad-free viewing.

Mobile Payments

We protect in-app payments that make it easy for consumers to order video by simply clicking on a payment icon. More than data encryption, the overall application code with all of its vital logic and processes, data, and the cryptographic keys are protected. We make it extremely difficult and time-consuming for attackers to understand how a payment application works. Inside Secure is security certified by VISA and MasterCard.

VR and 360 Streaming

is protected by building on our foundational expertise in DRM security and integration with TEEs and hardware security cores.


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