MACsec Software Toolkit: Complete source code implementation of IEEE 802.1X-2010 and IEEE 802.1AE

INSIDE Secure’s MACsec Toolkit enables developers to quickly add complete MACsec support in new and existing products such as switches, routers or hosts.
It is delivered in highly portable ANSI C source code suitable for a wide range of platforms. It provides well documented APIs to integrate with existing software and hardware components. It is easy to compile on a standard Linux server as a reference implementation for testing. MACsec Toolkit has been interoperability tested as both a supplicant and an authenticator with existing products.


MACsec Hardware IP: Complete family of MACsec engines

INSIDE’s IP portfolio include an extensive range of products to accelerate MACsec processing in hardware such as MACsec frame engines, in-line packet Engines and look aside packet engines. Supported line speeds can run as high as 100G. The IP operates in an integrated fashion with protocol stack software, off-loading the CPU and reducing overall power demands.
INSIDE Secure uses a building block approach to offer a range of solutions, with security IP choices for low gate count, low power designs, as well as configurations for very high performance requirements.  This approach supports design tradeoffs between throughput, gate count and special capabilities which can be made with a high degree of granularity, to closely match the requirements of your design’s end user targets.

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