Hardware Security Analyst

Working place
Hierarchical position
Reporting to HW Security Architect Manager
Type of contract



To conduct relevant attacks on the HW IPs utilised in Inside Secure products.

Implement attack capability to perform fault and side channel attacks on FPGA, analyse results, identify improvements and recommend countermeasures.


Main responsibilities:

  • Support HW Product security improvements and develop robustness against Fault Injection (FI) attacks as required by the market
  • Perform FI testing and analysis of IPs according to business requirements
  • Development of lab-based automated solutions to perform FPGA based Side Channel Analysis (SCA) attacks
  • FPGA emulation toolchain development

Educational background

Degree in an appropriate technical discipline (eg Electrical & Electronic Eng., Computer Science)

Required experience

5+ years’ experience in the security or chip industry in engineering positions at R&D centres or system laboratories

Required skills

-       In depth knowledge of FPGA emulation development, ideally Xilinx based

-       Strong programming skills (C/C++, Python)

-       Practical knowledge of SOC architecture

-       Strong interpersonal and teamworking skills

-       Strong English language communication skills, written and verbal

Preferred Skills

-       Knowledge of cryptographic algorithms (eg DES, AES, RSA or Elliptic Curves)

-       Knowledge of hardware security attack methods

Main Interface


-       Security Analysts

-       Product Architects

-       IP Development teams in Glasgow (UK) and Vught (Netherlands)

-       Field Application Engineers



-       Customers

-       Independent evaluation labs