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Drive successful introduction, positioning, promotion, and sales of automotive offerings across all product lines.

Main responsibilities

  • Lead go-to-market in automotive across all Inside Secure products lines
  • Identify opportunities to position existing and new Inside Secure products for sale in the automotive market
  • Determine and establish sales approach in automotive, balance between direct and channel sales
  • Work with product management to develop and realize products to meet those opportunities
  • Lead development of collateral for automotive offerings, working with corporate marketing, product management, and R&D
  • Guide sales to develop and close deals for the automotive offerings
  • Identify and develop acquisition targets in the automotive space
  • Develop and promote both internally and externally Inside Secure’s vision and roadmap in automotive
  • Identify, engage and develop strategic partnerships in automotive 


 Software specification, design, analyses, verification in C, C++ for driver software on top of our Embedded Security Solutions.


Main responsibilities

-       Have a strong affection with Embedded SW development and hardware, with an area of expertise in or related to networking, embedded CPUs, NPUs, security and communication processors, embedded operating systems, and especially Linux and its development tools.

  • Development of embedded software products
  • Architectural definition of driver development kits on top Silicon IP products
  • Design and implementation of embedded software (C/C++ code).
  • Integration and testing of Inside Secure products with third party solutions like network processor or communications processor based systems.
  • Embedded software development and porting in linux environment, but in User Space and Kernel mode
  • Maintaining Silicon IP simulation environment, involving Python modelling and C-models.
  • Writing product documentation and update customer documentation with the newly implemented features.

-       Assist Product Management, architects and management with product definition and development estimates.

-       Take responsibility for the entire product life cycle.

-       Write patents to protect our technology.

-       Project management

Hardware Security Analyst

United Kingdom


To conduct relevant attacks on the HW IPs utilised in Inside Secure products.

Implement attack capability to perform fault and side channel attacks on FPGA, analyse results, identify improvements and recommend countermeasures.


Main responsibilities:

  • Support HW Product security improvements and develop robustness against Fault Injection (FI) attacks as required by the market
  • Perform FI testing and analysis of IPs according to business requirements
  • Development of lab-based automated solutions to perform FPGA based Side Channel Analysis (SCA) attacks
  • FPGA emulation toolchain development