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Mar 4, 2019
Neal Michie

Circles and End Points, Mobile World Congress 2019

Circles and End Points, Mobile World Congress 2019

Anyone that follows the world through tradeshows for long enough knows they are cyclic. Whether that’s the rise and fall of events or the themes within events, patterns start to emerge.


Mobile World Congress is no different.

Smartphones may get faster, the stands may get bigger *; but recurrent themes start to emerge.


This year, it was the turn of 5G. Bringing with it a return to the theme of global connectivity and connected devices. Some would say a welcome return as it takes the show back to its routes.


As we get more connected, we get more dependent on our networks. This should focus the mind on how we secure them. 


During MWC, Inside Secure were demonstrating how easy it is to “repackage” a mobile application. By compromising the end-point of a network, we were able to demonstrate how we breakdown the entire security model of a service’s ecosystem.


This applies widely. Our demo focused on mobile apps; but the same principle applies globally from small IoT devices to large high tech industry equipment (there were a lot of industrial robots on display this year – not sure I need a $50,000 robot to make coffee though). The effort and expense building firewalls around backend systems and securing data transport can be quickly rendered null-and-void if the end points aren’t secured.


Hopefully that’s something to contemplate while you await MWC2020. Will it bring something new or will an old theme re-emerge?



* If Moore’s law was applied to MWC stands, it would greatly underestimate the rate of growth.

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