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What do you need to secure?

The most secure devices, applications, and transactions build in proactive security from the start. Whether your product stores, transports, or delivers information, INSIDE complete solutions for embedded security protect it from one end to the other.

We make it easy to implement industry-leading security. We’re the only company that provides you with the broadest range of solutions with the greatest synergy. We do the hard integration work first, so you can accelerate time to market. By integrating our expertise, hardware, firmware, and software, you gain superior solution integrity and performance.

Mobile Security

INSIDE is the leader in mobile security and in content protection for mobile devices. Our innovation, combined with outstanding security expertise, provides 360-degree coverage for your mobile security challenges. INSIDE semiconductor platforms are the foundation for our mobile security solutions. They use common firmware and dedicated software to support multiple applications.

Our established relationships with device, payment, content, and application providers have been earned by our proven performance. Millions of units are delivered each year and INSIDE solutions are the basis of secure systems and processes for leading companies globally. 

From chips to cloud-based security, and from software-only to embedded secure hardware, INSIDE mobile security solutions deliver the right level of security for your mobile security applications.

  • Security IP  
  • Security Components 
  • Application Processors 
  • Mobile Handset Support  
  • Mobile Applications 

Secure Transactions

The Internet of Things opens up entirely new concerns about security as systems and devices that were never designed to be secure now become major points of vulnerability. There are billions of transactions occurring daily. Each of these applications faces unique threats. And each has specific security requirements.

INSIDE provides the widest range of solutions for secure transactions. From chips to cloud-based security, and from software only to embedded secure hardware, INSIDE secure transaction solutions deliver the right level of security for customers’ embedded applications.

INSIDE offers one-stop shopping for complete solutions. Payment, content, and application providers choose INSIDE solutions for their proven performance. We deliver millions of units each year that support secure systems and processes for leading companies globally. We also simplify your vendor management and support, especially as technologies, global security requirements, and market demands change over time.